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Kingborough Council is currently made up of twelve elected councillors including the current Mayor, Dr Graham Bury. 

Recent changes to the local government electoral system provide for the introduction of all-in, all-out local government elections every four years, with four-year terms for mayors and deputy mayors.  This change will commence with the next local government elections scheduled in October 2014.   At the 2014 election, the number of councillors elected for Kingborough will be reduced to ten.  Casual vacancies, if they arise on Council, will not be filled until the reduction to ten councillors is achieved. 

Council meetings are usually held on the fourth Monday of each month and the public are welcome to attend.  Council has to consider a large volume of business so a Council Committee structure is used to help streamline the high workload.   Council and Committee meetings, which are open to the public, are audio recorded and made available on Council’s website.   

The Kingborough Strategic Plan 2010-2020 forms the basis for Council to develop and deliver plans into the future and determines priorities upon which future resource allocation decisions are made.  The Strategic Plan will be reviewed following the 2014 Council elections. 

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