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There are no competitions running at this time. Competitions will also be advertised on the Kingborough Council Facebook page.


Draft North Bruny and Future Directions Plan 2016

Friends of North Bruny (FONB) are asking the community for feedback on the Draft North Bruny and Future Directions Plan.

The group seeks:

  • Comments on the Draft Plan
  • Any times you feel are missing and should be considered (include your top five priorities and number them according to importance)

If you wish to discuss your views or would like a hard copy, please contact President Alex Matsyek on email at or by phone 0407 099634.

Response Timeframes

Community consultation will close on 1 August. Please send your response to FONB, Secretary, Siobhan Gaskell at PO Box 214, South Hobart or via email:

  • The Executive Group of FONB will discuss feedback and have a final draft indicating gaps and priorities to go back out to community for final comment by 26 August.
  • Final community comments will close on 2 September.
  • The final report is to be circulated to FONB members as part of the AGM/General Meeting papers. The meeting is scheduled for 2 October. You are most welcome to attend this meeting.

Please take some time to consider this Draft Plan (link to the plan below) and let us know your views.

DRAFT: North Bruny and Future Directions Plan

Community Resilience Survey

This short survey will help Kingborough understand the community’s awareness to natural hazards as well as its ability to respond to events should they occur.  The survey is anonymous and Council will publish the survey results once complete.  The findings of the survey will help Council prepare and respond to natural hazards. 

Climate Change Survey

This short survey is designed to help Council gain an insight into what the community thinks about the impacts of climate change and your views on how we should respond.  This survey is the first of an annual survey as part of the Triggers for Change Climate Change Implementation project and will provide a valuable baseline (link below). 



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