Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 Amendments

Planning Scheme Amendments

pdf 38-42 Lynden Road, Bonnet Hill - Representation expiry date is 19 October 2016
Amendment to Table 12.1 of the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015, for the Low Density Residential Zone, to include a site specific qualification for a minimum lot size of 2,000m2 affecting 38-42 Lynden Road, Bonnet Hill.

Urgent Planning Scheme Amendments

pdf Kingborough urgent amendments KIN UA11/2016, KIN UA 12/2016, KIN UA 13/2-16 and KIN UA 14/2016
KIN UA 11/2106 Rezone land adjacent to Kingston Bypass from General Residential to Environmental Management, Utilities to General Residential and Environmental Management, remove Biodiversity Protection Area overlay from General Residential on western side of Kingston Bypass. KIN UA 12/2016 Rezone Land off Nierinna Road, Margate from Rural Resource to Environmental Living. KIN UA 13/2016 Remove Attenuation Area overlay from land at 31-45 Nubeena Crescent Taroona. KIN UA 14/2016 Rezone part of land at 26 Gemalla Road, Margate and adjoining road casement from Rural Living to Light Industrial Approved effective 19 September 2016

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