Bruny Island Advisory Committee

The Bruny Island Advisory Committee was established by Council to provide a communication linkage between the Bruny Island community and Council.  The objectives within the Committee's Terms of Reference are:

(a) Providing a forum to discuss proposed Council initiatives and to assist in obtaining the views of the Bruny Island community in relation to future Council projects or programs.
(b) Providing advice to Council on the priority of captial works programs carried out by Council on Bruny Island.
(d) Assisting Council in the development of policies, strategic directions and procedures that relate to Council programs that are relevant to Bruny Island.

The membership of the Bruny Island Advisory Committee for the term ending 31 December 2017 is: 

Councillor Mike Percey

Telephone:  0419 892 511

Mr Trevor Adams

Telephone:  (03) 6293 1225

Mr Gerald McAfee

Telephone:  (03) 6291 0167

Mr Bill Hughes Email:
Telephone: (03) 6293 2052
Mr John Kobylec Email:
Telephone: (03) 6293 1205
Mr Brendan Schmidt Email:
Telephone:  0439 362 606
Ms Siobhan Gaskell

Telephone:  0467 333 124

Mr Richard Clark


Telephone:  0411 460 6612

 Mr Alex Matysek

Telephone:  0407 099 634

Bruny Island Advisory Committee Minutes

The minutes are subject to confirmation at the next Committee meeting.

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Locked Bag 1, Kingston Tasmania 7050 | T: (03) 6211 8200 | F: (03) 6211 8211 | E:
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