Free Green Waste Weekend & New Recycling Options at Barretta

To help clean up before the winter weather is here the Kingborough Council is offering a free green waste weekend at the Barretta Waste Management Facility on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 April.

Kingborough residents are invited to bring along green waste and garden clippings up to a limit of five cubic metres throughout the weekend free of charge. The green waste collected from the weekend is chipped at Barretta and sent to Brighton where it is processed into compost.

Do you have any mobile phones, computers, paint tins or green waste to dispose of? The Barretta Waste Management Facility has a number of recycling schemes and invites you to come along and participate.

The popular MobileMuster is a free take back service for unwanted mobile phones and accessories, making sure they do not end up in landfill. Barretta also hosts the TechCollect program, which is a free national recycling service for computers, computer accessories and TVs. Items which have re-sale potential will be refurbished and sold, with all other devices recycled and dismantled into their components.

Residents and trade painters are invited to dispose of waste paint and packaging at Barretta free of charge through the Paintback recycling scheme.

Barretta has also recently expanded the recycling options available with the introduction of the CMA Ecocycle program, for the free recycling of light globes, fluorescent tubes, x-rays and batteries.

The free green waste weekends are very busy and staff appreciates the patience of all visitors to the facility while they direct you around the site.

For more information on recycling, green waste, services, fees or the Re-Use Shop, contact Kingborough Waste Services on (03) 6267 2337 or visit Council’s website at or Facebook page @KingboroughTas.