No Spray Register Request Form, 2019-2020

Applications must be submitted to Council by Monday, 1 July 2019.

No Spray Register Request Form 2019-20

  • As part of Council’s maintenance of roadside vegetation, Council undertakes a spraying program within both urban and rural areas of Kingborough, using Government approved chemicals. As part of the program, Council invites residents to apply for their property frontage to be added to the No Spray Register for the 2019-2020 period. Visit Council’s website to view the No Spray Register Policy. Both the policy and request form are also available from the Civic Centre in Kingston or Bruny Island Service Centre. Please note that all current permits for 2018-2020 are still applicable. Residents with these permits will not need to re-apply. Where Council approves a frontage for inclusion within the No Spray Register, it will be the applicant’s responsibility to manage the roadside vegetation within the No Spray Zone, in accordance with the permit issued by Council. Applications must be lodged with Council by Monday, 1 July 2019.
  • This can be found on your rates notice.
  • Please include details to help us correctly identify the property frontage for exclusion. e.g. Does it extend around a corner etc. You can upload a file or image below.
  • Please attach supporting evidence to support your request to be added to the No Spray Register. This includes advice from your medical practitioner if the reason is on medical grounds. Failure to supply sufficient evidence may result in your application being refused or delayed until satisfactory evidence is provided. You may only apply to be added to the Register for property frontage that you own. You can upload supporting evidence below.
  • For example: advice from medical practitioner etc.
  • In making this application, I hereby acknowledge that should my application be approved, I will be responsible for the maintenance of the vegetation along the road frontage in accordance with the permit and that failure to do so is likely to result in Council cancelling the No Spray Permit and resuming chemical spraying of the vegetation. I also acknowledge that any permit issued will only be for a maximum one (1) period and that I will be required to make a further application should I wish to have the No Spray Permit extended beyond that date. I declare that I am the registered owner of the property for which the permit is being applied.