Protection for Kingborough’s Significant Trees

Trees within the landscape of Kingborough help define the character of our municipality and can be important reminders of our cultural and ecological history. The landscape and trees of Kingborough play an important role in shaping our region’s culture and development.

Many of the trees found in our parks, gardens and road reserves are of aesthetic, historical and environmental importance. To conserve these important values, Kingborough Council established a Significant Tree Register that identifies the municipality’s exceptional trees.

Significant trees may be located in parks, gardens and roadsides, forming a key part of the character and appearance of those areas. In creating the Register, Council formally recognised its role in ensuring these trees are protected and enhanced for today and the benefit of future generations.

So what makes a tree significant? A tree must meet the requirements of one or more categories of significance that will act to set the tree apart from others of its type in order to be nominated. The significance criteria was reviewed by the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens and includes tree size and age, aesthetic beauty, rarity, unusual physical form, historical significance or landscape significance. The register includes trees on both public and private land.

The annual call for nominations has been extended to 14 June 2019. The Significant Tree Policy, currently registered trees and the form to nominate a tree is available on Council’s website at www.kingborough.tas.gov.au/significant-tree-register.

The list of nominated trees will be made publically available and the trees will be assessed by a panel as to whether they qualify for listing on the Register. Trees will have statutory protection once they have been listed. Council will work to make sure the trees have appropriate protection and will encourage careful planning and management around them.

The passage of time has an impact on these exceptional trees and their formal recognition on the Register will help to make sure they receive the care they require to remain an important part of the landscape.  Exceptional trees do not last forever unfortunately, so remember, trees you may plant today might be considered significant in the future.