Photo of the Civic Centre in Kingston

Kingborough Council reaffirmed its position on the proposed Huntingfield development at its meeting on Monday, 26 August.

Council’s key concerns remain with the lack of adequate infrastructure to support the proposal, and the mass inner-residential zoning, which would allow for a very dense residential development not normally placed on the outskirts of a city.

Mayor Dean Winter said he was pleased that the proposed Housing Supply Order was not tabled during the last session of Parliament and that he hoped this meant the Minister is considering the feedback from residents and Council.

“Council has always supported housing on the site and continues to do so. The land was purchased for housing by the state government 45 years ago, so we have long awaited a full proposal. The problem is that the proposed zoning and lack of any commitment to infrastructure is at odds with good planning principles,” Cr Winter said.

“The standard consultation process used for amending a planning scheme would be more appropriate to make sure the community can have their say. The Housing Land Supply Order process does not allow for any proper community consultation and the Council urges the State Government to reconsider this process.”

Minutes of the meeting and the audio recording will be published by the end of the week on Council’s website.