Mayor’s Christmas Message

Photo of Mayor of Kingborough Cr Dean Winter and Deputy Mayor Jo Westwood

What a year.

It has been a year of challenges, not opportunities.

Families, communities, businesses and governments have been challenged by COVID-19. While most have emerged successfully, we know COVID-19 has impacted everyone differently.

For over a century our remote island home has been becoming more and more accessible to the rest of the world. This year, we closed the borders and became more self-sufficient. In Kingborough, we backed local businesses, we holidayed at home.

Every level of government is feeling the impacts of the pandemic operationally and financially. Our challenge at Kingborough Council is to come through this period in a strong financial position so that we can support our community through recovery.

Our Strategic Plan is well placed to guide Kingborough Council through this time as it focuses us on the basics. By sticking to our vision to making Kingborough a great place to live and putting our community at the heart of everything we do, we can best support our people.

With constrained revenue from budget measures designed to support those most in need and no increase in our effective general rate in 2020-21, our resources are going to be limited for the foreseeable future. We must continue to work efficiently to produce the maximum benefit for the community from our existing resources.

Our organisation is full of committed staff who care about their community and the outcomes we are trying to achieve. They are the Council. It is their hard work and dedication that continues to support our community through the public services we provide.

I hope 2021 will be much closer to ‘normal’.

We have the opportunity to set Kingborough up for decades of growth if we make the right decisions and deliver important projects over the coming years. I am looking forward to a break and I hope you are too.

Please stay safe and enjoy the break.

Cr Dean Winter, Mayor of Kingborough