Engaging the Bruny Island Community

Responsible pet cat ownership is essential to protect the health and welfare of domestic cats and to manage the adverse impacts of cats on biodiversity, agricultural and tourism assets. Kingborough Council has committed to the phase-in of a By-law for cat ownership on Bruny Island.

The Bruny Island Cat By-law aims to help foster responsible cat ownership, manage stray cats and protect the health and welfare of pet cats. The Bruny Island Cat By-law includes compulsory desexing and microchipping of domestic cats, keeping cat/s within an owner’s property boundaries, a limit of two cats without a permit, and the prohibition on feeding stray cats.

View how the community is helping manage domestic and stray cats on Bruny Island

View and download the final Bruny Island Cat By-law

A range of community education and engagement activities have and are being undertaken in partnership with Ten Lives Cat Centre, Bruny Island Environment Network and Bruny Island Community Association to support By-law implementation. The activities include consultation with cat owners, offering subsidised cat desexing, microchipping and rehoming; peer education from cat owners; engagement of the school community; citizen science activities (wildlife monitoring and domestic cat tracking); development of a cat assessment and holding facility and a Community Ranger position.

Individual household support is also being offered to cat owners to help them make the transition to cat containment. This includes assistance and advice on design and building of cat enclosures, how to best provide for a cat’s physical and emotional needs and how to address any stress behaviours that occur during the transition. See how Council has supported the creation of a new home for Buddy – Help for Cat Owners on Bruny Island.

For more information or feedback please don’t hesitate to contact our Cat Management Officer on phone (03) 6211 8255.

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Bruny Island Cat Management Survey (2015/16)

In 2015 and 2016 Council surveyed Bruny Island residents and rate payers about their attitudes to cat management. We had 157 responses which provided a very useful snapshot of community attitudes. The survey found good support among respondents for management of both domestic and feral cats.

This information was presented to Council as a part of a proposal to introduce By-laws for cat ownership on Bruny Island.  The By-laws will bring the requirements for cat ownership in line with those for dog ownership. As is the case with dogs, people will be able to apply for a permit if they wish to keep more cats.

View the Cats on Bruny Survey Results 2016 (PDF)

Bruny Island Community Engagement Report (2018)

The report draws on experience from other island communities to explain why and how an island community should be engaged to make sure cat management is successful. It reviews the activities already carried out on Bruny including community attitudes towards the program and makes recommendations for future community engagement strategies.

View or download the report below.

Bruny Island Engagement Report

Future Engagement Strategies: Insights from the Bruny Island community (2019)

The report summaries the results of Council’s 2019 community survey to better understand community attitudes towards feral and domestic cat management on Bruny Island and to identify ways to keep the community informed and involved.

Future Engagement Strategies: Insights from the Bruny Island community (2019)