Community Consultation

Council values contributions from the community and we regularly invite feedback on policies, strategies and projects.

The Kingborough Community Consultative Forum meets every three months, where representatives from community organisations across Kingborough meet with Council Officers to discuss ideas and provide feedback on a range of projects.

We value the opportunity to gather information about what you want and to make collaborative, consultative decisions. Council now has an online community engagement platform, where all of Council’s online forums, polls and surveys will be published. Visit the Our Say page via the link below.

Our Say – Kingborough Council


Current Consultations


Council’s Strategic Priorities

Kingborough Council’s Strategic Plan is up for review this year. During the Strategic Plan Review workshop in December 2018, Councillors indicated a strong preference to review the key priority areas. This preference was predicated on concerns regarding the content of the current Strategic Plan and the opportunity to review Council’s priorities following the October 2018 elections. Concerns were raised that the current Strategic Plan is too lengthy, difficult to understand and does not accurately reflect the strategic priorities of the Council.

Following a workshop with Councillors and Managers, the clarification of the Strategic Plan was considered, as it was felt that the current Plan reflected community aspirations but did not clarify achievable and practical priorities and actions for Council to implement. As a result, five new key priorities were developed, which are now released for community and staff feedback. Council also invites suggestions of potential actions and performance measures to assist us in achieving these priorities.

The five priorities are available to view on Council’s Our Say page. We invite members of the community to comment and vote on the priorities important to you, make suggestions for each one and submit any areas that we may have missed.

How do these priorities stack up? Forum

Draft Budget 2019/20

Council’s Draft Budget overview, estimates analysis and consultation report are available to view via Council’s Our Say page. Feedback and questions regarding the Draft Budget are invited until Wednesday, 15 May 2019.

Submissions can also be made in writing to the General Manager at or to Kingborough Council, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston 7050.

Draft Budget 2019/20 Forum

Kingston Park – Draft public open space master plan

Following extensive consultation, the key aspirations from the community for Kingston Park’s public open space design were for connections to nature, an inclusive space for all ages, abilities and cultures, public amenities, and healthy living. The full draft report is available to view on the Kingston Park Our Say page – how did we do?

Draft public open space design forum

Planning Kingborough’s Future

We want to know why you enjoy living in Kingborough and what is important to you.

This will enable us to make sure community needs are helping to shape our decisions in the management of our infrastructure and services. This is an initial call for comment, we will be advertising other avenues for the community to have their say in the future.

Why Kingborough? forum