Community Consultation

Council values contributions from the community and we regularly invite feedback on policies, strategies and projects.

The Kingborough Community Consultative Forum meets every three months, where representatives from community organisations across Kingborough meet with Council Officers to discuss ideas and provide feedback on a range of projects.

We value the opportunity to gather information about what you want and to make collaborative, consultative decisions. Council now has an online community engagement platform, where all of Council’s online forums, polls and surveys will be published. Visit the Our Say page via the link below.

Our Say – Kingborough Council


Current Consultations

Bruny Island Airstrip Closure

At its meeting held on 28 May 2018, Kingborough Council decided to announce its intention to close the Bruny Island Airstrip but that a final decision in this regard will be made following a four week consultation period with existing users and the general public.

This decision has been made following independent advice being provided to Council on the risks associated with the current condition of the Airstrip. The estimated costs required to bring the Airstrip up to a suitable standard are considerable, along with a rising maintenance cost. There are also encroachments on to the adjoining private property that are difficult to resolve.

Council understands the significance of this decision, but the Airstrip is now only used for private purposes and the expenditure of public funds cannot be justified. The feedback period closes at 5pm on Friday 29 June 2018. Submissions can also be made in writing to the General Manager, either via email or by post to the Civic Centre, 15 Channel Hwy, Kingston 7050.

Bruny Island Airstrip Closure Forum

Draft Dog Management Policy

The Kingborough Council has released a review of its Dog Management Policy and is inviting feedback on the draft document.

The proposed policy has been drafted to provide a balanced opportunity for everyone to share and enjoy Council’s public spaces. It sets out a code relating to responsible ownership of dogs and includes the provision of declared areas.

The feedback period closes on Monday, 25 June 2018.

Draft Dog Management Policy Online Engagement Forum

Kingston Beach One-Way Trial

A one-way trial at Kingston Beach was put forward by the Kingston Beach Community Association, due to concerns about traffic speed and public safety in the precinct. The success of the trial will be evaluated following traffic impact assessments, as well as through community feedback. Council appreciates you taking a few minutes to complete this survey to help us assess the one-way trial.

Kingston Beach one-way trial survey