Community Consultation

Council values contributions from the community and we regularly invite feedback on policies, strategies and projects.

The Kingborough Community Consultative Forum meets every three months, where representatives from community organisations across Kingborough meet with Council Officers to discuss ideas and provide feedback on a range of projects.

We value the opportunity to gather information about what you want and to make collaborative, consultative decisions. Council now has an online community engagement platform, where all of Council’s online forums, polls and surveys will be published. Visit the Our Say page via the link below.

Our Say – Kingborough Council


Current Consultations

Draft Play Space and Playground Strategy

We are seeking feedback from school-aged children, parents, grandparents and carers.

The Strategy aims to set an agreed benchmark and define a set of classifications for each play space and playground in Kingborough. The Strategy will provide Council with a clear and solid foundation upon which to base our decisions regarding the management and expansion of our play spaces and playgrounds.

Your feedback will help us develop a final version of the Strategy, which will then be recommended to Council.

Visit Council’s Our Say page to read the strategy and take the survey – Kingborough’s Playgrounds

While you are there, please consider filling in our very quick poll to tell us which is your favourite play area and/or playground in Kingborough.

May 2018 Storm Survey

The extreme weather event in May 2018 was one of the most severe weather events experienced in Kingston and surrounding areas.  Council is still trying to understand the impact of the event and is seeking information from those affected.

We have recently received funding to collect further information regarding the storm and its impacts.  As part of this work, we have developed a survey for people that were directly impacted.

The information we gather will be confidential and will assist Council in prioritising future mitigation, remediation and protection projects.

Nearly 6,900 questionnaires have been sent to selected areas where impacts of the storm were most evident. However, we encourage anyone who was impacted by the storm to complete the survey to help us plan for the future and build resilience in the community.

Please complete the survey by Monday, 16 December 2019.

Visit Council’s Our Say page to read the strategy and take the survey – May 2018 Storm Survey