Incoming Draft Tasmanian Planning Scheme


The Tasmanian State Government is moving all Councils to a single Planning Scheme, known as the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is made up of two parts: the State Planning Provisions (SPPs) and Local Provisions Schedules (LPS). The diagram below shows how they fit together. 

The State Planning Provisions have been approved by the Minister for Planning.

As part of the transition to the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, each Council must prepare its own LPS and submit it to the Tasmanian Planning Commission for their approval.

Kingborough Council has prepared and submitted its draft LPS in 2019. The draft LPS must be read with the SPPs to see what type of development can be carried out in each Zone or under each Code.

The draft LPS also includes the mapping associated with the scheme, showing the zoning for each property and any applicable code overlays.

More information about the Tasmanian Planning Scheme is available on the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s Website.

Update on the process

Presently, the Tasmanian Planning Commission is working through the conversion of 29 existing planning schemes across the State to the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, so different Councils will be exhibiting for public comment at different times. Some Councils have already converted to new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, some are in the process of engaging communities about it and some, like Kingborough are yet to be given approval to start the exhibition process.

The diagram below shows where we are in the process.

The Tasmanian Planning Commission’s website also provides an overview of the process involved with the Kingborough Draft LPS as well as items of the draft LPS Council discussed with the TPC since lodgement. When Kingborough Council begins to consult with the community, people will be able to confirm what zoning is being proposed for their land and may then also make a representation if they want to indicate support, objection or raise a concern with what is being proposed. It will also be at this point that people may suggest another zoning if they have a concern what is proposed for their land.

View the draft LPS and SPPs

Kingborough’s draft LPS was endorsed by Council on 9 December 2019 and again on 11 February 2020, when errors on the LPS mapping were fixed. The following information may be of interest to you:

  1. Kingborough LPS Supporting report
  2. Council Agenda of 9 December 2019
  3. Council Agenda of 11 February 2020
  4. Kingborough Land Use Strategy May 2019
Below is an interactive version of the draft mapping Council submitted to the TPC. The mapping may change as part of the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s review before Council will seek input from the community on the proposed changes.











Public Input

At this stage Council is unable to advise when public exhibition will occur, but as soon as we know that we can proceed, Council will inform the public that this is happening through the media and our website and social media channels.

The public consultation will be open for 60 days, and the dates will be specified by the Commission.
Members of the public will be invited to make submissions to Council. Please note that submissions will not be considered until the exhibition period opens.

Following Consultation

Following the exhibition period, a report will be presented to Council to consider the representations. Council may, in light of the representations received, request the Commission to make changes to the draft LPS.

The Commission is likely to hold hearings to consider the representations received. This may result in further iterations of the draft Scheme, which may then be re-advertised if those changes are considered significant.

When the Commission is satisfied that no further amendments or hearings are required, it will publish its decision and announce the date that the new Planning Scheme will come into effect.

Interest in the proposed Landscape Conservation Zone of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

A number of zones that are currently available in the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 will no longer exist under the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

In Kingborough, we are moving from 24 existing zones to 23 new zones as well as a suite of new codes that will operate differently from the current planning scheme.

Finding the best fit zone under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme for individual parcels of land is challenging, however the approach Council took with the initial drafting of the draft LPS in 2019 was to maintain the land use and development outcomes in the rural parts of Kingborough as close as possible to that we had under the current scheme.

This in itself may sound like a very straightforward task, but because the new scheme will operate differently from the current scheme, it is almost impossible to allocate a zoning which will allow exactly the same outcomes as the current scheme.

In short, even if someone’s property stays in a zone with the same name, the ‘rules’ that will apply to the property under the Tasmanian Scheme will be different.

Generally speaking, the Landscape Conservation Zone (LCZ) will be applied to properties with landscape values that are identified for protection, such as bushland areas, large areas of native vegetation or areas of scenic values.

In some instances, the Landscape Conservation Zone will also be applied to a grouping of properties that together contribute to the landscape values of an area. They could be large parcels of land or a grouping of smaller parcels of land which together achieve the same outcome.

Council has acknowledged the concerns about the LCZ in the community and it is for this reason we are currently undertaking a review of the mapping we submitted to the Tasmanian Planning Commission in 2019.

The zoning map may therefore change before we seek input from the community on the changes as part of the formal public exhibition process.
Once we start to seek feedback on the zoning changes from the community, we would like people to come back and confirm what zoning is proposed for their property as it may change from now to then.

If they have a concern, they will be able to use the formal exhibition process to make a submission if they oppose the zone or think another zone would suit their property better.

Kingborough Draft LPS Enquiry Form

If you have any questions about the incoming Tasmanian Planning Scheme, please feel free to fill out the form below and we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also fill out this form if you want to be informed when we commence with the formal exhibition of the new Planning Scheme.

However, we encourage everyone to participate in the formal public exhibition period which is anticipated to occur in the first half of 2023.

During the exhibition period people will be able to confirm what zoning is being proposed for their land and may make a formal representation if they want to indicate support, object, or raise a concern with what is being proposed.

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