Public Open Space & Playground

Kingston Park

One of the major attractions to the park will be the open public space, which will provide spaces for outdoor events, trails, play areas and other activities for our community to connect, enjoy and relax. This was the most important feature mentioned by the community during consultation of what the development should look like.

We have started building the new playground and hope to have an opening towards the end of the year. Keep an eye out on our events page and social media channels for more information!

Click on the Master Plan below to see the full detail


Following extensive consultation with the community, the key aspirations were for connections to nature, an inclusive space for all ages, abilities and cultures, public amenities, and healthy living.

The Public Open Space will include a wide range of recreational components in addition to the children’s playground – such as other scattered play features, BBQ shelters, spaces for public events and performances, pedestrian and bike trails (the bike trails will be around the perimeter of the playground), grassed areas for general play, water features, scattered seats and benches, trees for shade and gardens for aesthetic appeal, natural areas, sculptures and other examples of public art, and quiet rest areas. Designated parking will be provided in certain locations and on adjoining roadsides.

Playstreet has taken great care in carefully planning linkages through the site and beyond to create seamless connections to the parkland.  The large playspace has been designed in such a way as to allow for all ages abilities and responds to the requests of children and adults alike.

In a nutshell, nine key areas have been designed:

  1. Playspace – the best playground in Southern Tasmania will provide opportunities for all ages and abilities, offering a range of genres of play inspired by animals and habitats native to Kingborough, from page 62
  2. Pardalote Parade – connecting current CBD with Kingston Park, page 26
  3. Community Lawn – the backyard of the Hub, page 28
  4. Picnic Lawn – gathering circle, community garden & toilets, page 30
  5. Exercise & Event Lawn – exercise nodes, loop track & catch-and-kick area, page 32
  6. Path & Connections, page 34
  7. Whitewater Creek restoration & activation, page 36
  8. Pardalote Parklet – the northern gateway into Kingston Park, page 38
  9. Community Amphitheatre, page 40

The full report is available to view and download: Kingston Park Public Open Space Master Plan – Draft Version 3

In addition to the Public Open Space, Playstreet consultants are designing and overseeing for Council:

  • The pedestrian section of Pardalote Parade between Channel Highway and Goshawk Way – including public consultation, submission of development application (DA), full detailed design and documentation for a construction tender and supervision through the construction process.
  • The landscaping adjacent to the Community Hub building and linkages from the Hub building to the new playground facility – including submission of DA, full detailed design and documentation for a construction tender and supervision through the construction process.
  • The concept design for the proposed Channel Highway streetscape improvements between Hutchins and John Streets.


The image below shows the construction stages for the public open space. Stages 1A and 1B will be delivered first. The design for Area 2 of the Public Open Space is yet to be finalised.