Kingborough Draft LPS

Update on the Kingborough Draft Local Provision Schedule (LPS) 

The Tasmanian State Government is moving to have all Councils on a single Planning Scheme, known as the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. As part of that transition, each Council must prepare its own Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) and submit it to the Planning Commission for their approval, on behalf of the State Government.  Kingborough Council has prepared and submitted that draft and we are currently awaiting direction to place the draft LPS on public exhibition. It is during the 8-week public exhibition period that anyone can make a submission about the proposed changes.

Presently, the Tasmanian Planning Commission is having to work through the conversion of 29 existing planning schemes across the State to the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, so different Councils will be exhibiting for public comment at different times. Some Councils have already converted to new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, some are in the process of engaging communities about it and some, like Kingborough are yet to be given approval to start the consultation process.

When Kingborough Council begins to consult with the community, people will be able to confirm what zoning is being proposed for their land and may then also make a representation if they want to indicate support, object or raise a concern with what is being proposed.

What is the Tasmanian Planning Scheme?

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme will deliver consistency in the planning controls applying across the State.  The Tasmanian Planning Scheme will replace the existing Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015.

The process that each Council must undertake is detailed on the Tasmanian Planning Commission website (external link), but as a simple guide, it involves the preparation of the Local Planning Schedules for endorsement at a Council Meeting. The Council endorsed LPS and maps are then sent to the Commission for consideration (see below for ‘Council adopted version of draft LPS’).

Once the draft Kingborough LPS is reviewed by the Commission to make sure it meets all of the legislative requirements under the Act, the Commission will direct Council to commence the public consultation process.

Council adopted version of draft LPS

Kingborough’s draft LPS was endorsed by Council on 9 December 2019 and again on 11 February 2020, when errors on the LPS mapping were fixed. The following information may be of interest to you

  1. Kingborough LPS Supporting report;
  2. Kingborough Draft Local Provision Schedule (LPS) draft mapping.
  3. Council Agenda of 9 December 2019

It should be noted that the draft LPS document and mapping may be amended as part of the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s review.

Public Consultation

At this stage Council is unable to advise when public consultation will occur, but as soon as we know that we can proceed, Council will inform the public that this is happening through the media and our website and social media channels.

The public consultation will be open for 60 days, and the dates will be specified by the Commission.

Members of the public will be invited to make submissions to Council. Please note that submissions will not be considered until the consultation period opens.

Following Consultation

Following the consultation period, the Commission is likely to hold hearings to consider the submissions received. This may result in further iterations of the draft Scheme, which would then be re-advertised.

When the Commission is satisfied that no further amendments or hearings are required, it will publish its decision and announce the date that the new Planning Scheme will come into effect.

More information

Landscape Conservation Zone of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme

The  State Government’s Guidelines outline the criteria that must be considered for the conversion of the current interim planning zones to the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

The Environmental Living Zone of the Kingborough Interim Planning Scheme 2015 will no longer exist under the new Tasmanian Planning Scheme, and as a result Council had to suggest an alternative zone for land that is currently zoned Environmental Living. The application of the State Government’s Guidelines resulted in the conversion of properties in the Environmental Living Zone to a number of different zones under the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. For example, the broad application of the guidelines resulted in the conversion of the Environmental Living Zone to the Landscape Conservation Zone, Rural Living Zone, Rural Zone and in some instances to the Environmental Management Zone depending on the special features and characteristic of an individual property.

The proposed application of the Landscape Conservation Zone in Kingborough has not been finalised and may still change as a result of the Tasmanian Planning Commission’s assessment before public consultation will occur.

The following information about the new Landscape Conservation Zone is provided to address some of the concerns that were recently raised by community members in Kingborough. Once Council is ready to proceed with consultation, people will be able to lodge an objection, support the proposal or raise concerns about what is proposed for their land, but we are not there yet.

Tasmanian Planning Commission’s fact sheet about the Landscape Conservation Zone.

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