Home Energy Bulk Buy

Save money on energy efficient products.

Home Energy Bulk Buy. Save money on energy efficient products.

Kingborough Council and other southern councils have teamed up with Sustainable Living Tasmania’s ecohomeguide.com.au to create the Home Energy Bulk Buy for energy-efficient heat pumps, hot water services, insulation, LED lighting, solar panels and other products.

Buying in bulk brings down the cost per item. Products chosen for the buy will be based on quality, price and performance.

The first offer will be available in October 2017 for a limited period, with other offers to follow.

If you are interested in buying an energy efficient product in the coming months, you can register your interest at ecohomeguide.com.au

The Home Energy Bulk Buy will be available at the same time as the Tasmanian Government’s Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme that has three-year interest-free loans of up to $10,000 for individuals to install energy-efficient and renewable-energy equipment. For more information about the loans visit auroraenergy.com.au/teels

To register go to www.ecohomeguide.com.au