Salvaged Art Show

The much loved Kingborough Council Salvaged art show is once again encouraging all community members to think about creating a piece of art from something that might normally be thrown away. Whether whimsical or with a serious artistic slant all ideas and entries are welcome to this art-with-a-message community show. From school students to seniors, from the timid first time exhibition entrant to the professional artist, individuals, groups, families and friends are free to collaborate, have fun and submit something made from predominantly salvaged materials. There are endless ideas and examples on the internet if you are feeling stuck for ideas and there is no shortage of materials which can form sculptures or wall hangings, garden decorations or fine art. The Kingborough Community Hub will be the home for this year’s exhibition so there’s plenty of space to fill. Salvaged will be open from Thursday 26 September until Wednesday 2 October 2019. There are a range of prizes being awarded.  Artwork can be sold – please discuss with exhibition staff.

The deadline for entries is Friday 13 September 2019 with artwork due on Monday 23 and Tuesday 24 September 2019.

Online entry form:

2019 Salvaged Art

  • Please provide a description of your artwork for exhibition labels.
  • Categories

    Please note that the People's Choice Award is announced at the end of the exhibition. All entries are eligible for this award.
  • To enter your artwork in a section, please check one of the below.
  • Important Dates

    Winners are announced at the opening of the exhibition at 6pm on Friday, 27 September 2019 at the Kingborough Community Hub. The exhibitions runs 10am - 4pm daily, Saturday 28 September to Wednesday 2 October. Delivery of artwork to the Kingborough Community Hub on 23 and 24 September between 10am - 4pm.
  • Please let us know if you plan to attend the opening night and if you would like to volunteer as a gallery attendant.
    •All artworks are to be made from salvaged materials. •Maximum size for 2D artworks: 1.5m x 1.5m, not more than 10kg for works to be hung, and not than 50kg for 3D works. •All artworks are to be the original work of the artist. •All artworks are to remain at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition. •All delivery and pick-ups are the responsibility of the artist. •A transport/storage fee of $50 will be charged to artists/s for each artwork not picked up on the specified day. •All artwork to be hung on walls must be supplied with D-rings or wires to enable display using the gallery hanging system. •All sculptural work must be safe and freestanding. •Artworks must not contain sharp, toxic or dangerous components that might cause injury. •Kingborough Council is not responsible for loss or damage to any artworks during the exhibition. •Artists are advised to insure their own artwork against loss or damage during the exhibition. •Kingborough Council reserves the right to photograph artworks in the exhibition for promotional and archival purposes, including posting images on the internet. •Kingborough Council reserves the right to reject any artworks not deemed suitable or appropriate for the exhibition.