Scams and how to protect yourself

Tuesday Talks

New and convincing scams are constantly invented with the aim of luring people into providing money or personal identity details.

They can be in the form of an email, texts or phone calls or even calling at your door.

Council’s Tuesday Talk at 10.30am on 6 November will help you to better understand what to do, and importantly what not to do if in doubt about the authenticity of an offer or query. A representative from Tasmania Police’s Community Policing Division will provide vital information on the growing problem of scams and how to better protect you.

The Tuesday Talks are held in the Kingston Library, morning tea is provided and bookings are encouraged. Please contact our Community Development Officer on 6211 8170 to register.

Tuesday Talks are information sessions for older residents and take place on the first Tuesday of the month at the Kingston Library. The program is part of Kingborough Council’s Positive Ageing program.