Film Permit Application

Film Permit Application

  • Commercial Filming

    This application is for anyone wishing to film in public spaces for commercial purposes.
  • Applicant Details

  • Filming Details

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • E.g. international documentary, short film, school project, television commercial, tourism advertisement
  • Please provide details if you are using temporary structures such as marquees etc.
  • Please provide the exact location of proposed filming site, include specific street names, park name or other landmarks as indicators. You can upload a map below if available.
  • If the location does not have a specific address, please upload a map to help us identify the exact site.
    Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • The operation of drones (remotely piloted aircraft) must be undertaken in accordance with the rules and guidelines established by CASA (the Australian Government’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority). Please upload your license if you are using a drone for the film.
    Max. file size: 64 MB.
  • Public Liability

  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
    A copy of the insurance schedule must be included for this permit application in order to comply with the terms and conditions of this filming permit.
  • Agreement

    I acknowledge the terms and conditions to film in the Kingborough municipality as outlined below, and agree with those terms. The terms below form part of the terms and conditions to film/photograph in the Kingborough municipality. Please make sure that you read, understand and abide by these at all times: 1. The wishes of members of the public are respected. The issuing of a permit does not give exclusive use of the filming area, therefore you must not restrict members of the public from accessing the facilities in any way. 2. The Council is indemnified against any injury or damage to person or property as a direct result of your activities. 3. There is no risk or unnecessary disturbance to passers-by or businesses, and any impact on traffic flow or pedestrian flow is minimised. 4. If required, a traffic management plan be developed and approved before the scheduled filming. A traffic management plan is required if there are any road closures, or disruption to normal traffic flow. 5. Film locations are left clean and tidy and all rubbish is removed. 6. The applicant is required to notify nearby residents and businesses of filming operations and make every effort to minimise disruption of regular activities. 7. Filming and associated activities do not damage any infrastructure. 8. Any instruction given by an authorised Council officer must be followed. 9. A permit to film does not include any parking concessions. Therefore, if filming is to take place in areas that have controlled parking restrictions (e.g. time limits etc.) these restrictions are to be adhered to at all times unless separate approval has been given. 10. If filming at a private property, permission must be sought from the owners. 11. The applicant shall have and maintain for the period of the permit, a policy of insurance against risk to the public, and such a policy to be of a minimum amount of $20 million in respect of any one claim. The amount insured may vary depending on the size, nature and risk associated with the filming project. A Certificate of Currency outlining the nature and level of insurance cover must accompany the application. The applicant must immediately notify the relevant insurers and Council in writing of any occurrence or accident likely to give rise to a claim under the insurance policy and give all information and assistance as may be reasonably practicable in all the circumstances. 12. The applicant is responsible for any damage to property in the area of the issued film permit, or damage as a result of the event, and undertakes to promptly compensate upon request. 13. This permit applies only to the public area within the Kingborough Council municipal area during the stated period.
  • Please indicate if you agree to share a copy with Kingborough Council for us to share and promote our local area. Appropriate credit will be attributed if you agree.