Public Consultation on Draft 2023-24 Council Budget

This consultation has now closed. Consultation information will now be compiled for Council to decide on the draft budget at the 13 June 2023 Council Meeting.

You can find the consultation report here: Public Consultation on Draft 2023-24 Report .

Every year, Kingborough Council plans how we can best service the needs of our community, through developing our budget.

This means considering how our community is growing and changing, feedback we have received throughout the year, what Council must deliver by law, and decisions made by our elected Councillors.

Demands grow every year for new and existing services. We need to create and maintain our built infrastructure and look after our many natural assets to benefit the community.

Before the budget is finalised by the elected Councillors, we were seeking your input to help us balance community needs against Council’s available income.

We invited the Kingborough community to have their say on the 2023/24 Draft Council Budget.


Public Feedback

Feedback could be provided to Council through a survey, written or emailed submissions.

All feedback will be given to Councillors as they consider the draft budget.

Council will formally decide on the draft budget at the 13 June 2023 Council Meeting.

Feedback could be provided until Sunday 14 May through:


Draft Budget Information

Council understands the pressure that households are under due to the rising cost of living identified by the increase in the Hobart Consumer Price Index to 7.7%.

Council has also been impacted by rising cost of maintaining its services and community assets to a similar amount.

This Draft Budget aims to maintain the community’s expectations for a high level of service by ensuring staff have the resources to deliver a range of services and projects that benefit the many different parts of our community.

It is with this in mind, that we have based the Draft 23/24 Budget on a 4.5% residential general rate increase and a 7.0% commercial and industrial rate increase.

Kingborough remains a low rating Council among Hobart Councils and this draft budget is centered around maintaining this.

To view the Draft 2023/24 Budget

To view the Snapshot  (a brief outline of the allocations to each of the different areas within the Council’s 2023/24 Draft Budget)

If you have any further questions in relation to the budget, please contact us on 03 6211 8200 or email

Closing Date

Closing date for public submissions was Sunday 14 May 2023.

Capital Projects (some)

During 2023-24, some of the projects Council will invest in to help connect residents to better services, upgrade infrastructure and advance community safety are:


  • Toilet refurbishment $250,000
  • Community hall upgrade $250,000
  • Tennis court refurbishment $39,000
  • Oval cricket net replacement $80,000


  • Oval $200,000
  • Llantwit Road resheeting $155,000


  • Pelverata Road rehabilitation $650,000


  • Halls Track Road resheeting $233,000

Bruny Island:

  • Cloudy Bay Road resealing $257,000
  • Kellaway Park Clubrooms electrical upgrade $10,200


  • Old Bernies Road Bridge approaches sealing $35,000
  • Chandlers Road Bridge approach sealing $40,000


  • Mountain bike park toilet $110,000
  • Beach accessibility matting $16,000
  • Wetlands access upgrade $269,000

Blackmans Bay:

  • Blowhole road reconstruction $1.3M


  • Bowls and Tennis Club carpark design $30,000
  • Bike lane upgrades – $250,000
  • Community Hall deck and pathway upgrade $21,500

Kingborough Sports Centre:

  • Rear entrance accessibility upgrade $360,000
  • Fitness Centre multi-access toilet upgrade $356,400
  • Netball access road upgrade $65,000
  • Netball court resurfacing $40,000




How Council Uses the Budget

  • Roads – $ 19M

Council manages Kingborough’s road network which consists of 271 kilometres of sealed road, 266 kilometres of unsealed roads and 82 bridges

  • Waste Management – $5.1M

Council provides two waste and recycling facilities at Barretta and Bruny Island and coordinates over 1.1 million collections a year

  • Sports, Parks, Tracks and Playgrounds $8M

Council maintains 15 sporting grounds, manages over 60kms of tracks and trails, oversees 13 dog exercise areas and runs the Kingborough Sports Centre which is home to over 14 different types of sports

  • Community Services – $1.3M

Council facilitates a range of programs such as volunteering for seniors, positive ageing, art and youth programs and also coordinates and supports large and small events which provide for over 13,000 people a year

  • Natural Areas and Biodiversity – $1.5M

Council invests in improving the health and resilience of over 50 bushland, riparian and coastal reserves, as well as providing weed management, habitat restoration for endangered species and support to 25 Landcare groups and volunteers across Kingborough.

  • Halls, Public Toilets and Buildings – $5.4M

Council is responsible for maintaining 16 halls and 29 public toilets and over 60 buildings across Kingborough

  • Planning, Building & Plumbing – $3.5M

Council assesses over a thousand planning, building and plumbing applications, and issues permits to enable residential, urban and commercial growth

  • Stormwater – $3.8M

Council manages 331 kilometres of infrastructure throughout the entire urban and rural stormwater network which covers investigations, capital projects and operational and maintenance support.

  • Public Health – $770,000

Programs such as immunisation, food safety, water monitoring (recreational waterways/public pools/spas), tobacco control, public health risk activities, safety of public buildings