Draft Budget Consultation 2022-23


Every year Council plans for the financial needs of the community through its budget.

Inviting Feedback

Before the budget is finalised by the elected members in June, we are inviting all Kingborough residents, ratepayers or community participants to provide feedback.

Council will consider public feedback in May with a final decision made on the Budget in June 2022.

Draft Budget

Follow this link to view the Draft 2022/23 Budget.

Snapshot of Draft Budget 2022/23.


If you have any questions in relation to the budget, please contact us on 03 6211 8200 or email kc@kingborough.tas.gov.au

Closing Date

Closing date for submissions is 16 May 2022.

Budget Submissions

A written submission can be sent to the General Manager at kc@kingborough.tas.gov.au or by delivering to 15 Channel Hwy, Kingston 7050 or at the Alonnah Service Centre, Bruny Island.


Capital Projects (some)

During 2022-23 we will be starting some significant projects that will help connect residents to better services, upgrade infrastructure and advance community safety in our community.

Some of the key Capital projects earmarked in this draft budget include:

  • Over $1 million in stormwater upgrades to Illawong Crs/Hinsby Rd and Garnett Street in Blackmans Bay,
  • Over $7 million in roads upgrades including Blowhole Road Blackmans Bay and Gemalla Road Margate,
  • Over $2 million in track, reserves and playgrounds upgrades; including Twin Ovals to Spring Farm Connector Track and Spring Farm Track to Whitewater Creek, and
  • $180,000 for a local area traffic management study and precinct upgrade for Beach Road.


Operational Projects (some)

$50,000 Tree Strategy: Funding used to scope out a tree strategy for Kingborough to set out the methodology, prioritisation, assessment frequencies, management and maintenance of trees in the municipality.

$40,000 Waterway Program – The funding is to implement the priority actions from the Creek Maintenance Plans for our key urban waterways to avoid and minimise damage to assets, human safety and environmental harm by improve stormwater flows and capacity.

$16,000 Adaption Financing Project – Working with Griffith University to look at adaptation activities using Snug as a case study community to provide modelling data, technical reports and consult with key stakeholders in the community.

Costs Affecting Council

Council must weigh up what it needs to deliver by law with the increasing demands for services required by the community.

This year, the costs that impact the of running our Council, identified through the Council Cost Index (CCI), have increased to 4.06% compared to 0.95% last year.

Hobart’s Consumer Price Index has also increased, with the latest figures (March 2022 quarter) identified as 5.8%.

Despite the high CCI, Council understands that the cost of living has gone up for everyone, so it is with this in mind that we have based the draft on a 2.8% general rate increase, which is in line with our Long-Term Financial Plan.