Community Engagement

We value contributions from the community and regularly invite feedback on policies, strategies and projects.

The Council has endorsed a Communications and Engagement Policy, Framework and Strategy to make sure we are applying best practice principles, values and processes when communicating and engaging with the Kingborough community.

The Kingborough Community Consultative Forum meets every three months, where representatives from community organisations across Kingborough meet with Council Officers to discuss ideas and provide feedback on a range of projects.

We value the opportunity to gather information about what you want and to make collaborative, consultative decisions. Council now has an online community engagement platform, where all of Council’s online forums, polls and surveys will be published.

Visit the Our Say page via the link below.

Our Say – Kingborough Council

Your personal details are not provided to Kingborough Council from the Our Say platform. They are only used to provide us with a picture of people who are responding to our forums such as age, gender and location. Visit the Our Say Privacy Policy to find out more – Policy Page (external link).


Current Engagement Opportunities

Are you ok?

There are so many challenges we are all facing at the moment and there is a lot of information and resources to find.
Council would like to know how you are doing so we can understand what your needs and issues are, and how we can help support you while we try to recover from this pandemic. Share with us and keep connected.

Visit our online forum at: Our Say – How are You?

You can also write to us, please let us know your name, age and where you live so we can build a picture of what the issues are across Kingborough.
How Are You?
Att: Engagement Advisor
15 Channel Hwy
Kingston 7050

Would you use a trail along the North West Bay River?

We commissioned a feasibility study for a multi-use trail along the North West Bay River.

We want to know if you support this project and if you have any concerns or issues that we haven’t thought of. Let us know if you have suggestions on how we can address any of those concerns.

If you do support the trail, tell us how would you use it? Would you see it as a connection for social or work? Or would it be for recreation – walking or biking or horse riding? How often would you use it?

There is no funding for this project, however, we continue to explore any State and Federal grants that may be able to support it.

Visit our online forum to view the feasibility study and to comment at Our Say – North West Bay River, multi-use trail