Plumbing Fees

Due to the introduction of the new Building Act, Council will be requiring lodgement of both building and plumbing permits separately (in line with other larger neighbouring Council’s).
Plumbing Administration Fee (Permit & Notification Fee)$230
Plumbing Permit Amendment Fee$230
Plumbing Plan Surveying Services $1.55 (metre sq) - Class 1 to 9 (min charge $153)

$1.25 (metre sq) - Class 10 (min charge $115)
Plumbing Inspections$150 (per inspection)
Additional Plumbing Inspections$150
Survey Plan - Backflow & Swimming Pool$189
Certificate of Completion Plumbing$100
Plumbing Amendment Fee (per hour)$181.50
Onsite Waste Water Assessment$239
Onsite wastewater system assessment
Plumbing Permit Renewal$151
Copy of Drainage Plan Complex Retrieval$50 min charge then
$50 per hour after first hour
Copy of Drainage Plan (Simple Retrieval)$20

* Charge per annum if Certificate of Completion is not issued within permit period (2 years). Completion Certificate will not be issued until fees are paid. It is the Owner’s responsibility to ensure that a completion inspection is arranged.