Parks & Reserves

Kingborough has a number of beautiful parks and reserves. In these, we maintain a number of outdoor facilities, including public playgrounds, BBQ facilities, skate parks and public toilets, which can be found on the Recreation & Facilities Map.

The Parks and Wildlife Service also manage a number of reserves within Kingborough including Peter Murrell Reserve, Coningham Nature Recreation Area, South Bruny National Park and Snug Tiers Nature Recreation Area. Visit the Parks and Wildlife Services website for more information.

Some examples of bushland reserves in Kingborough are below.


Barretta Reserve

Adjoining the Barretta Waste Transfer Station is a surprisingly diverse bushland reserve. Located south of Margate, access is via the Channel Highway or Slatterys Road. Three threatened plant communities occur in this reserve; Silver peppermint forest on the higher ground, grading down to dry Black peppermint on sandstone forest and in the gullies, Black gum forest. Harts Hill Landcare Group, Council and many community members have spent time weeding and removing rubbish from this reserve. As you walk around the Reserve you can recognise the Black peppermint trees by their rough bark and long narrow leaves.

Boronia Hill Park

Boronia Hill is within walking distance of central Kingston and accessed via Hutchins Street or Jindabyne Road This bushland reserve displays good examples of threatened plant communities; Black peppermint on sandstone forest and Silver peppermint forest. Many native herbs and ground orchids occur in the reserve including tiny mosquito orchids, greenhoods, bird orchids and the threatened Tailed spider-orchid (Caladenia caudata).

Boronia Hill Flora Track (PDF)

Boronia Beach Track (PDF)

Manuka Hills Reserve

Located in the hills above Kettering, this reserve is accessed by vehicle from Mathinna Road or by foot via the Manuka Hills Track.  Dry silver peppermint forest, a threatened plant community occurs in this bushland reserve. Kettering Coastcare Group works with Council to manage this reserve which has great views over the Channel.

Manuka Hills Track (PDF)

Nierinna Creek Reserve

Running along Nierinna Creek, Margate between Lawless Road and Burnaby Drive, this reserve is accessed by vehicle at either end.  Majestic old growth trees are scattered along the Reserve, with trunks greater than 1 metre wide and tree hollows that take over 100 years to form. Wet Blue gum forest runs along the creek at the top of the reserve, with wet Stringybark forest running creekside for most of the reserves length. Sedgy dry Stringybark forest covers drier hillsides above the creek with the occasional Blue gum or Black gum.

The Burnaby Drive end of the Reserve is being revegetated back to Black gum forest. With a grassy forest understorey, this park-like area has a couple majestic Black gums and White gums standing at either end and a bird watching dam.

Nierinna Creek Track (PDF)

Peggys Beach Reserve

Peggys Beach Reserve is located on the coast at Electrona between Graham Street and Peggys Beach and accessed via Dickson Street. The bushland contains Black peppermint forest with a diverse understorey including Smoky teatree, Sunshine wattle, Sagg and the spreading herb Running postman. This Reserve has significant Aboriginal heritage values. Council and the local community are carrying out weed management, including boneseed control, in this reserve to restore its plant diversity and habitat value.

Tinderbox Hills Reserve

Located in the hills above Tinderbox, access is via Estuary Road, Blackmans Bay. This reserve is a good place to experience the threatened plant community, grassy Blue gum forest and do some bird watching. Colonies of the threatened Forty-spotted Pardalote occur in patches of white gums, threatened Swift parrots may potentially be seen feeding in the Blue gums in spring and summer as well as bush birds year round.

Tinderbox Hills Track (PDF)