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Bruny Island Cat Management

The second stage of the Bruny Island Cat Management Project is underway. The project is funded by the Australian Government from July 2020 – June 2023 with the aim to reduce the impacts of cats on north Bruny Island’s native species, in particular, the threatened Eastern quoll.

The project is managed by NRM South in partnership with Kingborough Council, Biosecurity Tasmania, Bruny Farming, weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation and the Ten Lives Cat Centre. Information on the project can be found here

Community involvement


Ongoing community involvement has been critical to successful cat management on Bruny Island. A 2018 community survey on the island found that ~90% of respondents support cat management (including feral cat eradication). Community engagement is growing, with increasing numbers of residents and visitors reporting cat sightings, and community members helping to trap feral cats on their properties.

For more information follow this link to Cat management actions for eastern quolls on Bruny Island – NRM South


Responsible cat ownership helps protect the health and welfare of domestic cats and manage the adverse impacts of cats on wildlife and agriculture. The Bruny Island Cat By-Law is helping to foster responsible cat ownership on the island.

The By-Law states that cat owners on Bruny Island must;

  • Register their cat with Kingborough Council
  • Desex and microchip their cat
  • Keep their cat within their property boundaries
  • Keep no more than two domestic cats without a permit

It is also illegal for anyone to feed any stray cats on Bruny Island.

Cat registration is free and help is available for cat owners to comply with the By-Law including:

  • Discounted desexing and micro-chipping
  • Cat netting for enclosures
  • Advice on containment and re-homing of cats.

Please contact Kingborough Council’s Cat Management Officer (03 6211 8284 or

More info on responsible cat ownership here and here

Download a copy of the By-law here