Environmental Fund

The Kingborough Environmental Fund has been receiving financial offsets for the removal of vegetation since 2004. Its aim is to balance the loss of biodiversity from development and tree removals over recent years. Developers and landowners in Kingborough who have removed native vegetation will have likely contributed to the fund as a financial offset, and there is now over $800,000 to invest in projects.

The projects will include a suite of targeted private land reserves. Private land reserves are becoming more important in the conservation of native flora and fauna. Council will be seeking landowners who have areas of good quality native vegetation on their properties, and who would like to see it protected for future generations.

Significant patches of vegetation that contain threatened vegetation communities or habitat for threatened species such as the Swift Parrot and Forty-spotted Pardalote are of particular interest to the Council.

The Implementation Plan, which is available to view and download below, will oversee and guide the expenditure of the fund over a period of four years (the duration is subject to periodic review). Offset projects will be designed to be consistent with the ecological values that have been lost due to development and the conditions that have been placed on the associated development permits.

If you would like to submit an expression of interest, please complete the online form below, or contact the Natural Resource Management Project Officer for more information on (03) 6211 8200.