Footpaths & Accesses


Who is responsible to provide and maintain footpaths?
Council is responsible for the provision and maintenance of all footpaths in Kingborough. We have an ongoing program that aims to:

  • Make sure that all residential streets have a sealed footpath on at least one side of street; and
  • Make sure that all important pedestrian routes to shops, schools and businesses a sealed footpath on both sides of the road.


Who is responsible to provide and maintain the access to your property?
The law states that property owners are responsible for the provision and maintenance of their driveway access including the vehicular crossing to the street. It is important to note however that the crossing’s design and construction must be in accordance with Council standards. The only exception to the above is where Council constructs or reconstructs a Council road, in which case one normal crossing will be provided to each property free of charge.

Who can I get to construct the crossing?
It is recommended you engage a contractor to construct the crossing.

What is the procedure for constructing the crossing?
You are required to lodge an Application for a Permit to Carry Out Works Within a Council Road Reservation. The application incurs a fee in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule. The permit contains conditions that must be followed and requires inspections to be undertaken at various stages of construction. Council will provide you with a crossing design and specifications.
Please note: It is illegal to construct a crossing without a permit from Council. Property owners with illegal crossings may be liable for prosecution.

Urban Nature Strips

Council’s responsibilities include the care and maintenance of nature strips. However because of economic constraints, Council relies on adjoining property owners to carry out the majority of the work.

This relieves the pressure for rate increases by allowing the limited available funds to be directed to other areas of road maintenance. For this reason, Council asks that resident’s upkeep their nature strips so that the streetscape is kept for the benefit of all. Residents of Kingborough have been very cooperative by mowing and maintaining their own adjoining nature strips and Council appreciates this. However, residents are reminded that foliage or structures should not cause a line of sight problem for vehicles or pedestrians when using, entering or exiting an intersection, driveway or footpath.

If you are planning to develop your nature strip in any way, other than growing grass, approval is required from Council. If you wish store materials on your nature strip you must obtain a permit. Conditions are attached to approvals for the temporary use or storage of building materials and other objects including skip bins and storage containers. Please contact the Engineering Services Department on 6211 8200 for further advice.

If residents have a legitimate reason as to why they are unable to maintain their nature strip, they need to state their reasons in a letter addressed to the General Manager. Written submissions will be assessed according to the resident’s individual circumstances.

For further information contact Customer Services on 6211 8200 or visit Council’s Civic Centre at 15 Channel Highway, Kingston.