Brightwater Road

Approximately 300 linear meters of Brightwater Road from Sherburd Park to 41 Brightwater Road is being upgraded. This is the first of two stages of works, to upgrade Brightwater Road.

The road is currently at a rural standard and is being brought up to an urban standard. Stage 1 construction is underway at the moment and involves the construction of some 430 metres of stormwater piping, 480 metres of kerb and channel, 460 metres of subsoil drains, significant road widening and driveway access and footpath improvements.

These works should be complete by the end of September 2019.

Stage 2 construction is planned for 2020/2021 and will complete the upgrade works along Brightwater Road and finish just past Wynnstay Court.

Trenching for the stormwater pipes was generally less than 1.5 metres but in places was up to 2.5 metres deep.