Barretta Waste and Recycling Centre

Contact Details

Click here for directions: 1922 Channel Highway, Barretta

Telephone: (03) 6267 2337

Opening Hours

  • 7.30 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday
  • 9 am to 4 pm, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

The site is closed Good Friday and Christmas Day.

The Barretta site may also close for public safety during strong wind events. Please contact KWS on (03) 6267 2337 regarding possible closures.

Recycling Area

The recycling area is easily accessible with plenty of parking space to drop off recycling and goods for the Re-Use Shop. Drop-offs at the recycling area are free of charge.

Items suitable for recycling:

  • Oil
  • Batteries
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Co-mingled (plastic bottles and milk cartons)

KWS also offers the following free recycling schemes at Barretta:

  • Mobile Muster – for all unwanted mobile phones and accessories.
  • Paintback – for waste paint and packaging
  • TechCollect – recycling service for computers, computer accessories and TVs

KWS also facilitates the following recycling schemes, which have associated disposal fees.

  • Timber – timber is chipped and sent to Brighton to be used as a fuel source within compost.
  • Tyrecycle – scrap tyres are recycled for the construction, manufacturing and automative industries.

Click on the links for more information about any of the above recycling initiatives. Other resources about recycling and some of the organisations we work with can be found via the below links:

Expired Marine flares

Barretta Waste Transfer Station now accepts expired marine flares.

General Waste

Customers enter and leave via the toll booth and weighbridges, where their vehicle is weighed. Customers must pay either a minimum charge or the cost based on the weight difference of their vehicle (in versus out).

The minimum charge is $11, which is based on the first 100 kilograms.

The general refuse disposal area is made up of eight bays.  Customers can dispose of their waste which will drop on to the walking floor.  The 25 metre walking floor takes half an hour to move from one end of the bays to the other end where the compactor is located. KWS staff work at the middle of the walking floor and recover items suitable for recycling or resale in the Re-Use Shop to reduce further items going to landfill.

A compactor is located at the end of the walking floor and compresses the waste as it slowly fills up.  Transport trailers are attached to the compactor and use a ‘live weigh’ system which provides accurate readings to ensure maximum loads are reached before transporting to the landfill site at Copping.  Ensuring maximum loads are reached each time the truck is ready to leave helps reduce transport costs.  More information on the operations of the landfill site at Copping can be found on the website, Southern Waste Solutions.

Green Waste

The green waste area is only for green waste and general waste must not be dropped off in this area and the green waste must not be larger than 300 mm in diameter.

There is a minimum fee for green waste of $11 for the first 100 kilograms with loads in excess of this charged by weight at the rate of $100 per tonne

The Barretta Facility hosts two Free Green Waste Weekends per year, which is open to residents free of cost. The dates for the weekends are advertised on Council’s Events webpage and social media channels.

Waste Not Accepted 

We do not accept the following items at the Barretta Waste Transfer Facility:

  • Asbestos
  • Controlled (Hazardous) Waste
  • Household or Farm Chemicals (only clean drumMUSTER* containers are accepted)
  • Liquid Waste (such as septic sludge)
  • Clinical (Medical) Waste
  • Building and Construction Waste greater than 5m3

We are a drumMUSTER receival site.  Call us (03) 6267 2337 to arrange a drumMUSTER drop off. To find out more about drumMUSTER visit

Fees 2020-21

General waste (per tonne - in excess of 100kg)$ 125
General waste (minimum charge)$ 12
Household Collection Waste (per tonne)$ 125
Car tyres$ 10 each
Car tyres on rim$ 15 each
Light truck tyres$ 19 each
Light truck tyres on rim$ 24 each
Truck tyres$ 29 each
Gas bottlesNo charge
Green waste (per tonne in excess of 100kg)$ 100
Green waste (per metre)$ 11
Steel waste $ 80
Recycling (no general waste included)No charge