Small Farm Planning Program

Do you own a small property of up to 100 hectares? Are you in the Huon Valley or Channel region? Would you like to get the best out of your land?

South is running a ‘Small Farm Planning Program’ in the Huon and Channel region between October and November 2017. A property management plan can help to sort through the decisions to create the property that you want. If you’ve just bought a small farm, or have had it a while but don’t know where to start; need help prioritising a long list of jobs, or wondering ‘how many animals can I have?’ or ‘how do I manage my weed problem?’, then consider a property management plan.

The program content will include:

  • Five workshops delivered by experts on a range of subjects from grazing to weed control
  • A wealth of information on land management with experts on-hand to bounce ideas off
  • A work book and group session support to develop individual property management plans
  • Personalised property maps/aerial photographs
  • Ongoing support by NRM South and the opportunity to join existing networks

This program can help you identify:

  • Your property’s assets, land capability and management requirements
  • Your property vision and goals relating to lifestyle, family, environmental and financial aspirations
  • Your key resources and risks
  • Your key priorities and how you are going to implement them

Further Information

If you would like more information on the program please contact Tim Ackroyd NRM Facilitator (Huon Valley) on 0400 047 665 or email
All participants must complete an Expression of Interest form. The form can be completed online or downloaded from the NRM South website: Completed forms can be emailed to
Applications close 5pm, 11 September 2017.


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