Sports Grounds

Kingborough Council manages a number of sporting grounds for community use. These are generally open to the public but may be booked out by sporting groups for seasonal or casual use.

If your organisation would like to hire any of our grounds  for casual or out-of-season use, please complete the below online form. Please remember to save the form before returning.

For seasonal use applications by clubs, please complete the below online form. Please remember to save the form before returning.

Email forms to:

Or post to: Civic Centre, Locked Bag 1, Kingston TAS 7050 or in person to Kingborough Council Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston.

For further queries, please phone (03) 6211 8200.

Note that use of sports ground facilities should be in line with Council’s Sports Ground User Manual (PDF).

For information on Ground Hire fees, please see our page on Payments/Fees here

Sports ground status

We maintain the grounds to ensure that they stay in good playing condition. In order to do this, we may need to close them from time to time. More major maintenance occurs each March and September, between sports seasons when grounds are closed.

Current status of our sporting grounds – last updated at 9.30am Friday 19th November 2021:

Ground Open/Closed/Restrictions
Alonnah Oval Open
Gormley Park Open
Kelvedon Oval Closed for Maintenance
Kettering Oval Conditionally Closed *
Kingston Beach Oval Open
Lightwood Park 1 and 1b Closed for Maintenance
Lightwood Park 2 Open
Lightwood Park 3 Open
Margate Memorial Oval Open
Sandfly Oval Conditionally Closed *
Sherburd Park Open
Snug Oval Conditionally Closed *
Twin Oval 1 Open
Twin Oval 2 Open
Woodbridge Oval Open

*Grounds that are conditionally closed are not currently suitable for match play due to wet ground conditions. Tenant Clubs are permitted to use the grounds for training if conditions allow