The Kingborough Community

Kingborough Council’s vision is to achieve a vibrant, diverse and connected community, with well-managed natural and physical assets and a wide range of economic and lifestyle opportunities.

The Kingborough municipality has one of the longest stretches of coastline in the state and is framed by areas of great natural beauty alongside rural landscapes, making it an idyllic place to live. As the population continues to expand, Council aims to deliver a diverse range of services, programs and facilities necessary to maintain and build a healthy and sustainable community, as well as provide for the increasing number of tourists visiting the area.

We provide a variety of workshops and activities for all ages across the year, including events where the community can connect with Council, local groups, local producers and with each other. Community events allow for residents to make a difference to their environment at a local level, like the popular annual planting event in celebration of National Tree Day and Kingborough’s premier sustainable living event, Love Living Locally. Learn more about our community services.

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