Animal Management

Kingborough municipality is made up of urban and rural areas so we have variety of animals in the region. We understand that animals are a great benefit to the community and it is our goal to ensure that they do not become a nuisance.


Council helps with control of various animals in the community. We can assist residents with stray dogs, dogs that create a nuisance and poultry and farm animals on Council roads and verges. Kingborough Council also runs a cat management project. However at this stage, there are no provisions for cats to be microchipped or registered in Tasmania.


Desexing your pet is an important consideration. If you cannot afford to desex your pet, the National Desexing Network may be able to help.

They have a network of veterinarians across Australia who offer discount desexing to pet owners in genuine financial need. To find out more simply visit their website: or call them on 1300 368 992.