Microchipping Reunites

Micro-chipping is the best way to identify a dog and enables Council to reunite owners with their pet, if they have decided to go for a walk on their own.

The Mayor of Kingborough, Cr Steve Wass is encouraging owners in Kingborough to microchip their pets and make sure their details are updated in the lead up to summer. “There are many dogs in the municipality that have not yet been micro-chipped or their details have not been recorded with Council,” he said. “Micro-chipping is compulsory in Tasmania and this simple act will help to send wandering pets home”.

Council will be writing to owners to remind them to microchip their dogs and hopes this will help owners avoid paying a fine.

Dog owners are also reminded that their dogs must be effectively controlled the whole time their pet is off the leash in designated dog exercise areas. Dogs must be in close proximity, in the sight of their owners’ at all times and respond immediately to their command.

Further information on responsible dog ownership in Kingborough can be found the Dogs webpage. For information or to report any breaches of the Dog Control Act 2000, please contact Customer Services on 6211 8200.