Special Council Meeting Deferred

Photo of the Civic Centre in Kingston

Kingborough Council has tonight agreed to defer the special council meeting following a procedural motion, that was carried unanimously.

As a result, consideration of the operational budget and rates for 2018/19 will occur at a special council meeting to be held on Wednesday 13 June.

The recommended motion for the Annual Estimates (operating budget) was supported five to three, but required an absolute majority of six to be adopted. The deferral motion was then accepted and carried unanimously.

Two Kingborough councillors are on leave and were unable to attend the meeting. It is expected that all 10 councillors will be in attendance at the rescheduled special council meeting.

The report to Council included feedback from community members, following the public release of the capital and operating budgets. The submissions provided mixed feedback with four supporting the four per cent rate rise, six not supporting it and four that highlighted specific issues or individual capital and operational expenditure items. These will now be considered at the next meeting.