Snug to Margate shared path a step closer

Photo: Stornoway Maintenance Project Manager Luke Goodsell show’s the Mayor, Cr Steve Wass, the plans for the shared path

The Snug to Margate shared path is a step closer, with construction having started at the Snug end of the path. The path will benefit all members of the community by providing a safe and easy passage between the two towns.

Walking and cycling are healthy and economical ways to get around, and this path will be beneficial for visiting family and friends, shopping or playing in either town, hopping onto nearby tracks, or for relaxation. Whatever your reason for using the path, you will be able to avoid the traffic and enjoy spending time outdoors.

The surfaces of the path will be a mix of red gravel and asphalt sections, and will be mostly set away from the road. This will provide a natural corridor for bikes, prams, walkers and joggers to enjoy. The surfaces are also adequate for those who travel in wheelchairs, although there will be a couple of steep sections. The three-metre width of most of the path has been designed to ensure there is ample room for enjoyment and multiple users.

As on all footpaths and shared paths, cyclists must keep left and give way to pedestrians, and always ride to the left of bicycle riders coming towards them. All cyclists are reminded to wear a helmet for safety, obey the road rules and use front and rear lights for night riding.

The works for the path have started by clearing the asphalt and upgrading stormwater infrastructure on the old Channel Highway section outside of Snug. The path will be carried out in sections progressing towards Margate. The entire shared path is expected to be completed before Christmas, and sections may be open to the final part being finished.

Occasional traffic and parking disruptions may occur throughout the works and Council encourages road users to take care when passing and follow any traffic management controls.