Declaring Dog Areas

Council is required to declare dog areas highlighted in the recently endorsed Dog Management Policy, pursuant to the Dog Control Act 2000.

Submissions in relation to the below notice may be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager, Kingborough Council, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston 7050 or via email: and should be received no later than 5pm, on Friday 2 November 2018.

Public Notice – Intention to Declare Areas (Dog Control Act 2000)

Pursuant to Section 24 of the Dog Control Act 2000 (the Act), notice is given of Council’s intent to declare the following areas in accordance with the provisions of the Act:

Off-lead Dog Exercise Areas pursuant to Section 20 of the Act:

  • Taroona Apex Park
  • Taroona Beach (East of the Boat Ramp)
  • Northern end of Kingston/Tyndall Beach (sand only)
  • Flowerpot Point Reserve, Blackmans Bay
  • Suncoast Dog Park
  • Suncoast Walking Track
  • Kingston View Drive (area above Mt Bike Park)
  • Maranoa Heights Reserve (excluding prohibited public area)
  • Dru Point (within dog exercise fenced area)
  • Clarks Beach Coningham
  • Kettering Reserve (area below Kettering Oval)
  • Middleton Beach (south of stormwater pipe only)

Dog Training Areas pursuant to Section 21 of the Act:

  • Southern Obedience Club (Gormley Drive)
  • Country Dog Association (Lower Longley)

Dog Prohibited Areas for the reason that the area contains sensitive habitat for native wildlife, pursuant to Section 22 of the Act:

  • Browns River Reserve (northern side river)
  • Browns River Reserve (end Balmoral Road)
  • Kingston Wetlands
  • Boronia Beach Reserve
  • Blackmans Bay Beach (rock platforms north)
  • Tinderbox Hills Reserve (July to March – due to Wedge Tailed Eagles nesting)
  • Stinkpot Bay Reserve
  • Mt Louis Reserve (July to March – due to Wedge Tailed Eagles nesting)
  • Sandfly Land for Wildlife Reserve
  • Kettering Cemetery Bushland Reserve
  • Adventure Bay Bushland Reserve (behind bowls club)
  • Coningham Rock Platforms (east of main beach)

Dog Restricted Areas for the reason to ensure the health and safety of the public, pursuant to Section 23 of the Act:

a) Beaches – the following beaches are licenced by Council from the Crown for the purpose of public recreation. It is intended to declare these areas as restricted to dogs at all times:

  • Taroona Beach (except the area east of the boat ramp)
  • Hinsby Beach
  • Kingston Beach (except the northern end)
  • Blackmans Bay Beach
  • Snug Beach
  • Coningham Beach
  • Middleton Beach (except the southern end)

b) Sportsgrounds – the playing field of all Council owned and managed sportsgrounds are intended to be restricted to dogs at all times.

c) Parks – unless otherwise specified, it is intended that dogs must be on a lead at all times, in all Council owned or managed parks.

d) Natural Area Reserves – unless otherwise specified, it is intended that dogs must be on a lead at all times, with access limited to defined tracks in all natural area reserves.

e) Tracks and Trails – It is intended that dogs must be on a lead at all times on all tracks and trails managed by Council, with the exception of the Suncoast Walking Track on which dogs may be walked off-lead.

f) Other Areas – It is intended that any area surrounding any of the aforementioned areas, or any public place as defined by the Police Offences Act 1935, managed or controlled by Council, that are not listed in the above, are by virtue of their name or designation, deemed Restricted and dogs must be on a lead at all times.