Why do you enjoy living in Kingborough?

Kingborough Council is launching a long-term consultation project, which will enable us to make sure community needs are helping to shape our decisions in the management of our infrastructure and services.

The first forum is asking residents and ratepayers why they like living in Kingborough and what is important to them. Initially people can have their say online through Council’s Our Say page, which will be followed by information sessions across the municipality. This information will help us to assess community needs against our services and progress to a more detailed engagement on the most important issues raised through these forums.

The Mayor of Kingborough, Cr Steve Wass welcomed this initiative “Council welcomes input from the community in what they want to see for the future,” he said. “We welcome collaborative and constructive conversations about the services we provide.”

Understanding what services are most needed is critical information for when Council considers future projects, priorities and the allocation of available funds. Council’s financial performance is improving with an expected underlying surplus of over $300,000 in the previous financial year. Council made the decision some years ago to adopt a Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) that made sure rates did not rise dramatically, and instead planned for a slow rate rise over a number of years to return to an operating surplus. This was considered to be the best outcome for ratepayers and residents in Kingborough.

The responsible approach for the Council is one that delivers all the necessary services the community requires, within the financial means possible. This is what Kingborough Council has been doing, and continues to do. The evidence shows that our strategy is working and now we want to make sure we continue to provide infrastructure and services based on community need and feedback, along with the many other responsibilities that Council must legally meet, and the asset management program already in place.

“Kingborough Council continues to have the lowest rates in the urban medium category,” said Cr Wass, “We maintain our position as charging the lowest rates, comparable to similar sized councils such as Clarence, Hobart and Glenorchy, while being able to deliver a range of quality and unique services to the our community.”

People can give us their feedback at and information sessions will be advertised during October.