Beach Watch

Water dispersal trial at Blackmans Bay Beach

Council has installed a temporary system to disperse the fresh water flowing out of the Illawarra Road stormwater outfall pipe at Blackmans Bay Beach. The system will be trialled over an eight-week period to see if it will prevent the fresh water from pooling on the beach.

“The temporary pipe from the outflow will disperse the water into sandbags and hopefully reduce the level of water on the beach,” said Acting Mayor Cr Jo Westwood. “We hope it will deter the seagulls from gathering here as it will remove their source of fresh water. Our water sampling program will continue to see if the work is having an impact on recreational water quality.”

A list of feasible solutions to address other potential causes of contamination is currently being finalised by the TasWater and Kingborough Council working group. Recommendations will be presented to Council for consideration in early April.

Council also continues to investigate causes behind the source of contaminants in both the Kingston and Blackmans Bay stormwater catchments and are sampling key stormwater nodes within each catchment area.