Green Waste Collection Gets the Go-Ahead

A kerbside green waste collection service will go ahead in Kingborough from July 2020, after a successful notice of motion from Deputy Mayor Jo Westwood.

Kingborough Council will provide the service for around $80 per year to properties which qualify for the service.

Cr Westwood said she had committed to bringing the matter back to Council because she felt there was significant community support for the proposal.

“I felt we got a little stuck in the detail when this was first debated.  Speaking to my colleagues on Council afterwards, it was clear that many of their concerns could be dealt with and so my motion took those concerns into account,” Cr Westwood said.

“By starting the service from next financial year, there is plenty of time to prepare and implement the service properly.  It will be a fortnightly service and I think a charge of around $80 per year for 26 pickups is good value.”

They key changes in Cr Westwood’s motion were to push back the commencement date to July 2020 and to allow any ratepayer who does not need the service to opt out from it.

Mayor Dean Winter said he was pleased his concerns had been dealt with.

“I did not want to see households have an additional $80 charge if they did not want the service.  The key change is that ratepayers who qualify for the service but don’t want it can simply opt-out.”

Properties that are larger than 400 square metres and smaller than 4,000 square metres which are currently receiving kerbside collection will automatically qualify for the service others outside this criteria will have an option to opt in if they wish.

Properties outside the kerbside collection schedule will not qualify for the service