Tree Hollows

Kingborough Council is pleased to launch a new brochure “Tree Hollows – a home to suit every need”.

Tree Hollows are cavities in tree branches or trucks that many animals call home. Forty-two Tasmanian animals rely on hollows for survival, including many birds, bats and possums. Hollows provide refuge from the weather and predators, and safe sites for roosting and breeding.

Sadly good hollows are now rare in the landscape. Tree hollows take a long time to form, often around 150 years. Many species that use tree hollows have now been listed as threatened. The brochure is the culmination of many years of talking to people about this important but often forgotten part of the landscape.

The brochure details how you can manage your property in a way that retains trees that contain hollows and considers safety concerns. It showcases some innovative ways that this is being done around the state and gives landholders some ideas that could work on their own properties.

The brochure has been based with permission on the booklet “Tree Hollows in Tasmania – A Guide” published by Forest Practices Authority. Arborists, wildlife experts and land managers have provided input to the brochure to ensure it is practical and informative.

The brochure is now available from Kingborough Council and was launched as part of Threatened Species Day activities at Tramway Hill Reserve in Margate.