How accessible is your business?

The Kingborough Council Access Advisory Committee is inviting business owners and managers to a free information session on how to make businesses more welcoming for all.

“In Australia, approximately 20 per cent of the population have a disability, which amounts to approximately 3.6 million people who are potential customers,” explains Cr Paula Wriedt, Chair of the Committee.

“Kingborough is very close to the national average which means that 6,500 residents may not be able to access local businesses through restrictive designs.

“More than half of people over age 55 have difficulties with mobility, sight and hearing.  Regardless of those difficulties, not all consider themselves to have a disability so are not included in the ‘people with a disability’ statistic.

“That increases the number of people who may have difficulties shopping or using local businesses to just over 12,000 people in the Kingborough municipality alone.

“That is a significant proportion of our community and everyone will have a family member, friend or colleague within this category.

“The Access Advisory Committee is providing a free information session for business operators, to encourage them to think about easy solutions to improving access to their business.

“We want to show that there are easy ways to make your business welcoming to more people, including people with prams, not just mobility devices. We encourage you all to come along to our presentation.

“The information we are sharing are sourced directly from lived experience of our members.”

The session is being held from 6pm to 7pm on Tuesday, 3 December at the Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 15 Channel Highway, Kingston.

All business owners and managers are invited to come along. Please call 6211 8170 or visit to register. Refreshments will be provided on the night.