Kingston Park


The Kingston Park playground is now under construction and is set to open later in the year.

“We are so excited to see this playground start to become a reality,” said the Mayor of Kingborough Cr Dean Winter.

“There has been a lot of hard work, and a lot of consultation with our community who were very clear in what they wanted to see us create here at Kingston Park.

“We may not be building the largest playground in Tasmania, but it will surely be the best.

“There are some unique play equipment, including an incredible flying fox in the shape of a bat, being created by Ben Gilbert from Agency of Sculpture, with opportunities for all ages and abilities to enjoy the spaces.

“We expect the playground to open by the end of the year and will be organising an opening party to celebrate this special place in the heart of Kingston.

“Kingston Park demonstrates great collaboration between private development and local government in maintaining public open space while delivering much needed housing and employment opportunities for southern Tasmania.”

Carl Turk, Director of Playstreet who designed the park based on extensive consultation said “The design of Kingston Park represents a new standard for urban and playspace development in Tasmania and will establish Kingborough Council as a leader in the movement towards more environmentally responsible, culturally respectful and all-inclusive public spaces.

“Developed over many months of intensive pubic consultation, research and analysis, the design of Kingston Park reflects the balance struck between the requirements of humans and the preservation of Kingborough’s unique natural character. Once complete, Kingston Park will be an experience of nature in the urban domain, richly layered with cultural symbolism, community amenity, and of course – a whole lot of fun.”

Paul Harris, Managing Director of Specialised Landscaping Services is delighted to be building the playground and said, “We are excited to have been awarded the contract to construct the Kingston Park Playground.  We’re passionate about providing a high-quality play space for the Kingborough municipality.’