Kingborough votes to maintain existing parking arrangements

Kingborough Council will maintain existing parking arrangements with no charge until dedicated free park and ride facilities are in place.

Mayor Dean Winter said his Council wants to encourage people to park and ride, but also to shop and do business locally.

“We are trying to do a number of things at the same time, but it’s all aimed toward alleviating congestion locally and heading into Hobart.”

The initiatives are:

  • Developing a master plan for Kingston to drive a thriving business environment in Kingston;
  • Finalising the locations of the park and ride facilities with the Department of State Growth;
  • Upgrading bus stops; and
  • Attracting a major employer to Kingston.

Cr Winter said new park and ride facilities were not going to be constructed in central Kingston.

“We want Kingston to be a vibrant and attractive place for people to do business and shop, not a carpark for people working or shopping elsewhere,” Cr Winter said.

“Our vision is for dedicated park and ride locations on the outskirts of central Kingston.  A lot of work has gone into considering the best locations and we are looking to lock down a decision with the State Government early this year.

“The city deal has given us a huge opportunity to properly plan for our future and the funding to do so.”

The new temporary carpark is expected to be open in late February/early March, with the existing one closing for future residential development.