Media Releases


A path connecting Kingston and Huntingfield has been treated to a significant upgrade by Kingborough Council.

The upgraded path runs parallel with Algona Road from the end of Redwood Road, to connect bike riders and pedestrians to the path to Kingston and to the underpass to Huntingfield.

Councillor Flora Fox, Chair of the Kingborough Bicycle Advisory Committee, said the Committee was delighted with the newly concreted and landscaped path.

“The track was clearly very well-used, and the Committee congratulates Council for the upgrades” said Cr Fox.

“Enthusiastic riders have rediscovered the route, which starts near the Antarctic Division, dives into a short tunnel under Algona Road, and emerges on the Coffee Creek Track. This path connects Kingston with the two schools, residential and industrial areas in Huntingfield, and the Peter Murrell Reserve.

“During the pandemic, the community has become more aware of the social enjoyment and health benefits of bike riding and walking. As the restrictions ease, residents can continue to keep fit by riding to work, school and shops.

“Safe biking and walking tracks give people options and create a liveable, connected community.”

The Committee looks forward to working on the next cycling improvement project, which is development of a comprehensive bike plan for Kingston, funded through the State Government’s infrastructure package.