Green Waste

Green Waste Bins FAQs

The new Green Waste bins are being rolled out to eligible property owners registered for the service during July 2020.

Information about the service can be found on our website, on Facebook, in the Council News in the Kingborough Chronicle, and within the Rates brochure for 2020-21.

Ratepayers receiving the service will see a $64 item on their rates notice for this year. This is the pro rata amount for the year as the service does not start until 5 October.

Requests to opt in or opt out of the service during the bin roll out in July, will be carried out at the completion of the bin roll out. Your rates notice will be amended as this application is made.

Residents that have opted in during this period, will have their bin delivered on Thursday 30 July. Residents who have opted out during the bin roll out, will have their bin collected on or after Friday 31 July.

Council and our contractors appreciate your patience as the roll out continues.

We have also developed a Frequently Asked Questions page to help you at Green Waste Bins FAQs.