North West Bay River Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study

Photo of the North West Bay River at Brookfield

Council has considered the consultation report on the North West Bay River Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study, and has approved the Study, which is now on Council’s website.

“We had an overwhelming response to the consultation with a total of 160 people participating and contributing over 100 unique ideas and suggestions, as well as some concerns,” said Cr. Gideon Cordover.

“This is a significant project and it is going to take some time, as well as require further consultation, to address all of the recommendations in the study.

“However, Council has committed an allocation of funds to start initial survey work to determine boundaries and consult with surrounding landowners.

“We will also continue to explore any State and Federal Grants that may be able to support the work recommended in the study.

“The multi-use trail has been a long time in discussion, and I am delighted that the community has been consulted and we have a number of ideas to consider.

This is a special place and must be treated with sensitivity and respect to ensure the preservation of the river’s significant cultural and natural values. I look forward to us creating a legacy for future generations to enjoy.”

View the North West Bay River Multi-Use Trail Feasibility Study, along with other information on Kingborough’s tracks and trails on our Tracks and Trails webpage.