Interactive Map for Kingborough

Every day the n­­eed for 24-hour access to information grows. Customers want to be able to locate information when they need it, not just during business hours.

To improve the community’s access to information and provide a better service model, the Council has developed a digital interactive map for kerbside bin collections across Kingborough. This is the first of a number of map themes to be developed as part of our map gallery.

The interactive map allows community members to find out their collection dates for rubbish, recycling and green waste bins without having to ring our Customer Service department or navigate a complicated list.

You can navigate the map by typing in an address or by scrolling on your phone, computer or tablet. Once you locate the area, you can click on the coloured area of the map which tell you the dates for collection.

To use the map, follow this link or search within our Kingborough Website for Interactive Kerbside Collection Map.