Review for Food Vans

Kingborough Mayor, Paula Wriedt said the review of the Food Truck Policy was a great time to make sure that all vans phased out single use plastic.

“This review has given us a chance as a Council to introduce phasing out of single-use plastics by 1 January 2022,” Cr Wriedt said.

“Right across the country there is growing concern for the damage and waste created from single use plastic, particularly with take away food.

“Takeaway food and drink litter generally makes up 75% of all plastic items found in our oceans.

“Although Kingborough Council can’t tackle this global problem we can, through this policy regulate what food vans are allowed in our municipality.

“The use of a plastic straw for just a couple of minutes, results in a product that takes around 1000 years to break down.

“In this day and age it is just so unnecessary, especially when excellent biodegradable products are available.

“I understand that most of our Food Trucks operating in Kingborough already incorporate biodegradable products which is reassuring and commendable.

“Also under review in the policy was the location in which food vans can operate in Kingborough.

“It is important that we work with existing businesses and don’t potentially harm any trade already established in Kingborough so a limit of no operation within a 200m location of other food business has been included.

“Although we want to actively encourage new business in Kingborough it must be done respectfully and not negatively impact the operations or patronage of already established business.

Within the policy review Council also accepted changes to trading only occurring within the following hours where a vendor operates within 100m of residential dwellings:

  • Mondays to Fridays between the hours of 7am to 6 pm,
  • Saturdays from 8am to 6pm; and
  • Sundays & Public holidays 10 am – 6pm
SiteLocationTrading HoursSite Food Truck LimitTrading Days
1Christopher Johnson Park, Kingston Beach7:00am-9:00pm23 days
2Osborne Esplanade, Kingston Beach9:00am-6:00pm11 day
3Skipper Lane Carpark, Kingston Park6:00pm-9:00pm33 days
4Spring Farm Lane, Kingston7:00am-9:00pm23 days
5Coffee Creek, Huntingfield7:00am-9:00pm13 days
6Blowhole Road, Blackmans Bay9:00am-6:00pm13 days
7Dru Point Boat Ramp Carpark, Margate7:00am-9:00pm23 days

“A list of alternative sites has been proposed, though these sites are not reserved for food truck and are only allowed if parking is available.”
Below is a list of potential alternative locations:

  • Taroona Beach Carpark
  • Cartwright Reserve, Taroona
  • Tinderbox Carpark
  • Snug Beach Carpark
  • Silverwater Park, Woodbridge
  • Pontoon Road, Alonnah
  • Adventure Bay Road, Adventure Bay.