Stormwater to Sea

Keeping pollutants out of our stormwater drains will take on an artistic approach this summer, thanks to the creativity and imagination of Kingborough’s school students.

The Mayor, Paula Wriedt said street stencils would be positioned on footpaths near drains to emphasise the importance of keeping pollution out of our waterways.

“Stormwater is the water that runs off pavements, roads, roofs, gardens, parks, car parks and construction sites when it rains,” Cr Wriedt said.

“It is important that everyone understands that whatever gets washed down Kingborough’s stormwater drains ends up in our waterways and beaches.

“As people move about Kingborough, these creative street stencils will remind everyone that stormwater is connected to our waterways.”

Kingborough Council’s Natural Areas Interpretation Officer, Bridget Jupe said the stencil designs were inspired by participants in Council’s School Holiday program.

“We have worked these ideas into a series of street stencils and will be placing them in prime locations with the help of a number of schools in Kingborough,” Ms Jupe said.

“The stencils will be promoting the message ‘Only Rain in our Drains’.

“We hope to roll this project and stencils out to other municipalities located on the Derwent Estuary and build on stormwater education in all our communities.”

This summer Kingborough’s Environmental Health Officers will be out each week, sampling our popular swimming beaches with results posted to the Derwent Estuary’s Beach Watch program.

Swimming is not advised at any beach in the Derwent estuary for two days after heavy rain, as beaches are likely to be impacted by stormwater.