Successful bus advocacy for Kingborough

Kingborough Council welcomes the announcement by the State Government of additional express bus services between Kingborough and Hobart from 30 January.

“As everyone in Kingborough knows, we are going through an extraordinary period of growth.  While there are many positives about growth, one of the downsides has been the increase in traffic congestion, particularly at peak times”, said Mayor Paula Wriedt.

“Kingborough Council has been a strong advocate for the municipality on congestion issues, approaching it in a multipronged way.

“We successfully advocated for changes to the Huntingfield Roundabout design and for investment in the Algona Road intersection and bypass.

“Through our strong readiness to engage in the City Deal we have secured investment in park and ride facilities at Huntingfield and Firthside as well as in our Transform Kingston Project, which focuses on increasing the number of people who work, eat and play in Kingston, reducing traffic flow through to Hobart.

“As a Council we have invested heavily in our active transport infrastructure with an extensive network of tracks and trails, and we have just completed engagement on a bicycle strategy.

“The addition of an extra 43 express bus services between Kingborough and Hobart is most welcome.”